It’s’a Real Nice Electrolux Roundup!

My goodness! Welcome to the future! Electrolux Design Lab 2009! Each of these designs is made to work in the world for the next 90 years. *OH my mistake, one is made to work outside the world. The brief stated that each item be able to prepare and store food, wash clothes, and/or do dishes over the next nine decades. Behold this limited list of robotics and flying things!

For those of you wondering about the 90 year time span: this year marks the first 90 year lifespan of Electrolux itself. Here’s to 90 more, is what they’re basically up on.


1. Cocoon by Rickard Hederstierna, Lund Institute of Technology, Sweden Genetically engineered, prepackaged meat and fish dishes at your fingertips. This heating device prepares each packaged item according to the RFID tag attached. Like going to the McFly’s household in 2015!


2. Naturewash by Zhenpeng Li, Zhejiang University, China A waching machine with no water. All of your nano-coated fabrics will now be washed with negative ions aka the grasstastic Naturewash. OH and it has three settings, happy day! They are: clean clothes (I should hope so,) grass scent, and flower scent.

I’m hoping for lilacs.


3. Renew by Louis Filosa, Purdue University, USA It is a steamer. For the home. Home steamer. Again with the RFID tags placed in the clothing, the steamer uses two steam blades to blast the shirts and the pants and the underclothings so super clean.


4. Teleport Fridge by Dulyawat Wongnawa, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand You guessed it. Star Trek. As simple as it gets, Wongnawa has rendered out a fridge with the capability to accept transported foods to any of its several compartments.


5. Water Catcher by Penghao Shan, Zhejiang Sci-tech University, China Batteries Not Included! These little guys are sent out into the world to catch the raindrops. Literally. When it rains, these little flying robots go outside, catch their capacity in rain water, come back, and deposit. They then, based on the person they are serving, bring pure water, or water with healthy additives), and fill you up a glass. Fun!

NOW what you’ve gotta do, if you’re cool, is to go to the Electrolux Design Lab 2009 website and vote for these or others so they can win hecka money and design a better world!

Designer: Various Electrotastic Designers


  • arjun gehlot says:

    i personally feel that a designer needs to asses when technology is really required… though the flying water critters are cute, i would save my money and use a funnel instead (whisper: it does the same thing!)

  • marasee says:

    i vote for product no4 from thailand

  • says says:

    how is this product design? its movie prop design

  • M.S.W. says:

    “Teleport Fridge”…The point of Replicators on “Star Trek” is so power isn’t wasted keeping food/drink fresh as well as wasted space that the appliance takes up in a room.

    Even as a stand alone regular 2009 fridge/freezer unit the design doesn’t optimize the floor space being used…

  • I wonder, if they would really release some of these products…
    Every year they show awesome concepts but they never produce them.

  • Bep says:

    yep, it’s SciFi, not ID.

  • gengen says:

    A waching machine washing machine

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