Digital Photo Frame Packed With Features!

I love my digital photo frame but this concept called Mint Frame takes the cake. Like other digital frames it displays your photos but also takes pictures with a built-in 2 MP autofocus camera. The adoption of digital frames has been slow and why? – partly because older people find it cumbersome. By turning the frame into a camera, you get instant gratification without the need of a computer or syncing with an online gallery service.

The 7 in. touchscreen also displays videos (no mention of what formats) and you can even record narration to photos. I really like the little retractable magnetic stand. Wish my frame had that. My only gripe is the low camera resolution. It’s perfectly suitable for viewing but terrible for print. I guess I’m over complicating what it’s meant for but can’t we bump up the megapixel count to at least 3?

Designer: mintselect @ mintpass


Mint Frame - The Digital Photo Frame by mintselect @ mintpass