Ten Innovative Ways to do the Laundry

Ask anyone what is the most dreadful household chore they have to do, and unanimously we hear, it’s the Laundry! Washing dishes comes a close second, but we’ll deal with that later. For now lets take a look at ten innovative and futuristic methods of doing laundry, with the possibility of making them a fun chore! Yeah right!

10) Air Wash by Wendy Chua & Gabriel Tan

Hate messy detergents and the thought of wasting water? The Airwash is just right for you. It uses pressurized air and negative ions to do the cleaning, killing two steps in the process…soaking and drying!

9) Dismount Washer by Lichen Guo

If you are crazy about personal hygiene when washing clothes, then Dismount is what you’re looking for. An energy stick powers wall-mounted tubs, which are good enough to hold personal laundry only. No sharing of tub space with other people’s clothes.

8 ) Aquarium Washing Machine by Djordje Zivanovic

The usually perception of a washing machine this boxy thang that occupies a lot of space. The Aquarium breaks the myth by coming across as a sleek sphere of mechanical goodness!

7) Laundring by Shang-Che Wu

The Laundring uses pedals to drive a coaxial bi-directional rotating mechanism that generates high cleaning two-way flow to clean all dirty laundries. In short it’s a better alternative to hand washing and bacterial spread amongst clothes.

6) iBasket Concept by Guopeng Liang

The iBasket is a hamper, washer and dryer rolled into one. Essentially you just need to keep piling your clothes into the basket till its fully loaded. Once it’s topped-up, the cleaning/drying process kicks into action; the system sends you an email or text message (via WiFi) that the clothes are ready for the next step – ironing! Arrgh!

5) Re-cycle Laundry Center by Fernanda Villanueva & Arturo Ariño

Re-cycle Laundry Center is a three-unit setup with each unit holding its individual function. One unit acting as water storage and filtering tank; recycling the spent water from a previous wash, supports the green-factor. Dryer and cleaner make up the other two units.

4) Easy Living Washing Machine by David Genin

In a house full of people, your own dynamics for laundry may differ from the rest. In such situations you need an individual pod to do your thang and then get going with your invincible chore. Easy Living offers you the freedom of washing smaller batches of laundry using steam technology. What this means is I get to do my laundry when I want, without having to wait for my family to load up the basket with their clothes. Sweet!

3) Mr. Klein by Yoon Kisang

Mr. Klein is personalized underwear cleaner that uses recycled water for cleaning. It’s small in size and intended only for your innerwear. Something that big families should consider.

2) Individual Washer by Yali Dai

Ideally we should be sorting our laundry by color and then by fabric and this translates to many loads, some of which may not be big enough to warrant an individual wash cycle. The Individual Washer solves this problem by integrating compartments instead of a single bin. This ways you can wash your clothes with proper segregations.

1) Lupe by Il-seop So

The Lupe cuts your laundry chore by 3-steps, in one suave motion you can clean, sanitize and iron your clothes. Can’t get better than this, it’s my favorite!