Now That’s A Fancy Tour Guide

FINDmyTIME is a project that joins wireless and satellite technologies, mobile phones, PCs and GPSs into a single function giving people a new way to access a great quantity of useful and interesting information and at the same time, giving museums, cultural centres, associations new way to communicate. There are two bits to this concept.

– INFOsender: digital devices designed for cultural centres, museums or people communities. They can help improve the visibility and the exposure of any locale, via wireless information such as opening hours, events, contacts, and exact GPS coordinates.

– INFOpocket: small, easy to carry, versatile devices that can receive wireless information sent by INFOsender. It has a useful 10 km range and can sync/download via USB with information from other devices like PCs, netbooks and smartphones.

Designer: Daniele Gualeni


Samsung FINDmyTIME Device by Daniele Gualeni