The Chinese Tea Ceremony, Modernized.


Chinese Tea Ceremonies are beautiful, serene and emotionally driven events that are held on traditional occasions such as weddings or for welcoming guests into one’s home. Historically the water is held in an unglazed, clay teapot, but Keny Lin decided that it was time for it to be brought into the modern day, and so, Moon was born!

From first glance it is clear to see where Moon gets its name from, the elegant crescent form that’s finished in chrome steals your attention and draws you in to the striking design. It ‘balances’ on a cylindrical stand that elevates it off the ground for an even more significant impact.

Moon is operated using the simple controls that are positioned on the base; three buttons and a water level indicator is all that is featured, so to not distract from the alluring, sculpture-like design. This is undeniably a considerable leap forward from the traditional kettle, but just as beautiful in its own right.

Designer: Keny Lin