Design for the Soul


The “Sight Sound Soul” concept is all about meditation and peacefulness and might even be perceived as an appliance for calming the soul! This is an atmosphere creation object makes living spaces meditation-ready. By adding the pure natural sight and sound effect of water to the space, it creates a soothing sense of peace and calm.

Process: When the user turns this object on, the micro pump at the bottom starts to pump the water from an underlying glass container to a funnel-shaped glass above until it reaches the maximum level. Then, the pump stops – due to the gravity, a small hole at the lower end of the funnel-shaped glass lets the water inside pass through in a single drop every 5 seconds. Every droplet is going to hit a water surface underneath creating a dropping water sound and circular ripple. A LED light source installed underneath will shine onto water surface through ripple and project the light and shadow effect of ripple onto the surrounding area. With time, the level of above water goes down to half (approximately 45 minutes). The micro pump starts to pump water to reach the maximum level and the whole cycle starts over again.

Sight Sound Soul is a recipient of Honorable Mention from the Red Dot Design Award: Design Concept 2015.

Designers: Kawisara Anansaringkarn, Chalermkiat Somdulyawat