Algae-Powered Transport Truck

This is a vehicle, for the world, to transport goods around the world, with a lot less pollution! Sounds great, doesn’t it? It’s able to drive on the road, get aboard some train tracks, travel really far (on ALGAE fuel cells!), get off the tracks, and go to where it needs to be! Fun, yes?

This particular vehicle also brings into light the GPS tracking system as mapped unto railroads (which will of course become standard once all cars are rail-efficient).

The flexibility of the road and the environmentally sound capabilities of rail travel. And it transports one of those HUGE storage containers, too!

This is Chiron

Designer: Benjamin Cselley, Jupin Ghanbari, Jessica Covi, Erol Kursani





Chiron Algae-e-motion by Benjamin Cselley, Jupin Ghanbari, Jessica Covi, Erol Kursani


  • Yeah, Nice idea. I agree.
    But my question is, which one would be easier to use?
    train or this?

    I would say, train would be easier and cheaper.

  • ranjix says:

    definitely interesting, looks very good. I assume the algae needs the sun, that’s why the “aquarium” is on top… Anyway, if any quantity of algae can create the power to drag that container, then the first implementations should be the trains.

  • Seamus Dubh says:

    Nice and all that. But how is the Algae processed to fuel the rig?

  • Armin says:

    You’re gonna have trouble fitting this in with container terminals/cranes. I think if you dropped the algae ideea (how efficient is that?!) and removed the cabin, so they would be stackable, you might be on to something. Maybe even a passanger variant.

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