Robot Overlords Disguised As Peace Robots

We may not be able to end all wars but if this quattro is right, we can at least stop people from participating. Por que? Peace Robots serve the United Nations as an ad-hoc intervention squad. They’re subject to UN principles; neutrality and non-partisanship. “Non-lethal” systems enable them to defuse hot stops and potentially save civilian lives. Know what else? Peace Robots are not remote controlled. They’re self-governed and operate in swarms. O’rly? Please discuss.

Designers: Jupin Ghanbari, Benjamin Cselley, Jelena Stoikovic & Dominik Premauer

United Nations Peace Robots by Jupin Ghanbari, Benjamin Cselley, Jelena Stoikovic & Dominik Premauer






  • ranjix says:

    very cool and awesome. now please let’s get into the gritty details… how do they work? how do they recognize “hot stops” to defuse them (what are hot stops?), how do they recognize and stop people from participating in wars, how do they charge the batteries, where is the gps, etc.

  • Arfan says:

    Wait, what do they actually do once they find these hotspots?

  • Mert Can says:

    If its going to be used in a war scenario, they can be used as distractors, visual tactical information gathering. Since they are cheap (are they?) and expandible. And they can only be used in urban, i don think these machines can survive a good wind, a nonstop heavy rain… in wild.

    I did read somewhere, a type like that 4 Rotor helicopter is going to be used by police force in UK – especially for riots and after match hooligans.

    Or we all hate a bunch of mosquitos, so these have the same kind of effect on masses when gathered as masses and thats the dissuasive affect on people.

    But seriously… why rotors cables are hanging around like that, its easy to hooked trees branches or things can get hooked there etc.

  • alex says:

    oh-oh, i got a baaad feeling about this…

  • maDman says:


    Ok, the step you made has it´s reason. And yes, i think you made it because of a good will to stop a crisis before it becomes violent, respect.

    On the other hand, ya, looks like a brand new toy for the NWO. “Hotspots” .. hmm.. sound more like it will be used in controlling the mass of ppl. to beat them down or to extract the leaders of the protests to hunt them down!? If you not with us you are against us, right? every coin has two sides and here the bad side is stronger cause it gonna be used in a system which is sick deep down to his own roots.. read “1984” or “brave new world” and you know what i wanna say. That you made it for the U.N. (actually the “unarmed + peacekeeping” wing of the NWO) hmm.. may i laught about? Nope, i not do cause it is to serious!! Ordinary Humans(the hotspots you talked about) are in focus of the U.N. especial when the global system gonna break down.

    I wish the best that your system only gonna use for what it is made for. I wish.

    a pensive human

  • felix says:

    This is fairly obvious the UN are certianly on some kind of dream world.

    Fighting robots instead of humans, ok.

    fighting robots that use thier own minds to decide and arent an extension of human kind, really really really baad.

  • Nemo says:

    Interesting design, bot wrong idea.
    It’s better food, education, and freedom for people not to fight.

  • Xlaits says:

    I could see myself taking one of those down easily and re-programming it. It's almost too easy to disable, and, even in massive clusters, can be taken out with almost a single shotgun spray.

    I doubt these things are going to be inexpensive. Probably about 1000$ or more per 'droid, and not as expendable as once sought.

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