Plane Takes Off On Magnets

The MagLevAir is an airplane shuttle system with reduced noise, space and energy consumption during take off. The airplane is hooked to a maglev shuttle saving expensive cerosin for accerleration during take off. In flight the delta wing shaped airplane uses scram jets. The MagLevAir is part of a hub and spoke system. It could serve in an urban environment and transport passengers across short distances to bigger airports with more standard Airbuses and Boeings.

The MagLevAir was inspired by the take off procedures on aircraft carriers. The short and decentralized take off combined with the fast and quiet accerleration of a transrapid formed an ideal team for an ecological urban airport system.

Designers: Leonie Lawniczak, Deniz Örs &amp Georg Milde



MagLevAir Airplane Concept by Leonie Lawniczak, Deniz Örs & Georg Milde


  • Amazing idea, should be something that can become a solution for real world applications.

  • Amazing idea, should be something that can become a solution for real world applications.

  • James says:

    Looks like Leonie Lawniczak, Deniz Örs & Georg Milde modified my design.

  • Wybie says:

    this is a big step

  • cerberus says:

    Scram jets are not going to be viable for short trips – they require masive velocites to be achived prior to the scramjet being brought on line. Not to mention they are dam noisy. Much better to use them on the intercontinential flights.

  • Phil Power says:

    Would it use kerosine whilst flying?

    As with the maglev train, it will not have the close proximity of the magnets for motion.

  • Using a catapult to ease plane take-off is a good idea, but the plane used in the concept has no future with its hungry scramjets.
    Anyhow, the energy for launching the shuttle must come from somewhere : nuclear station? thermal station ?
    Planes will never be ecofriendly 🙁

  • cra says:

    hmmmmm. this seems a bit far fetched. How fast do scramjets have to go before they actually start working? i thought it was around mach5, which would means that the maglev catapult is going to have to reach mach5 before the airplanes engines actually start. Which i think is impossibe for a maglev, and even if it was possible would a group of civilian passengers be able to handle 0 – mach5 in such a short runnway space? they would need to slowly gather speed, which would defeat the idea of a short takeoff. cool concept tho

  • Jimmy C says:

    Looks more like a stealth bomber.

  • Woody says:

    then what about landing?
    barrier cables?

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