Safety Skijet First!

What’s up Brazil? I bet you’re just cruzin in the nice summer breeze right about now huh? Or wait. Winter. Anyway, there’s water on the coasts of brazil, a lot of it. Designer Mario Martuscello wants to keep those coasts super safe! So he made a rescue jet boat called “Bravo!” It’s totally whippin around doing amazing tricks while it’s not busy saving lives.

*Skijet is NOT the same as jet boat! This is a jet boat! It’s rockin!

**Rockin with safety.

Lots of traffic in the seas these days, lots of traffic. Lots of trash too, but that’s a conversation for another day. Today we’re all about the Bravo. It’s made simply for speed and ease of use. First aid on board, transport of victims using keep-it-simple techniques, security, and agility. The rescuers can ride in comfort with enough room for three injured passengers at the rear of the boat.

No attachment for tubing along the back, but I’m sure something could be whipped up.

Designer: Mario Martuscello


Bravo rescue jet boat by Mario Martuscello