Sphere-it in the Sky

Electricity is in the air. Literally. This vehicle, the futuristic “Bio Top” utilizes “wireless electricity” technology. The front of this vehicle has 2 wheels, the back has one, and this one is a sphere which charges the electric car battery as it goes, then transmitting the energy from the battery to the car through that wireless electricity. Also you’ve gotta have a listen about the steering wheel!

The steering wheel might make a few video-game fanatics more prone to fly about the roads like they were Cruzin, if you know what I mean: instead of the now-standard foot-pedal gas and break, the Bio Top features a hand-controlled speed and stop system, all done through the steering column.

A car that powers itself. That’s what this is.

Designer: Luis Pinheiro de Lima

Bio Top Self-Charging Vehicle Concept by Luis Pinheiro de Lima