Sphere-it in the Sky

Electricity is in the air. Literally. This vehicle, the futuristic “Bio Top” utilizes “wireless electricity” technology. The front of this vehicle has 2 wheels, the back has one, and this one is a sphere which charges the electric car battery as it goes, then transmitting the energy from the battery to the car through that wireless electricity. Also you’ve gotta have a listen about the steering wheel!

The steering wheel might make a few video-game fanatics more prone to fly about the roads like they were Cruzin, if you know what I mean: instead of the now-standard foot-pedal gas and break, the Bio Top features a hand-controlled speed and stop system, all done through the steering column.

A car that powers itself. That’s what this is.

Designer: Luis Pinheiro de Lima

Bio Top Self-Charging Vehicle Concept by Luis Pinheiro de Lima






  • Alex Cruceru says:

    Try to find out about professor Iustin Capra,romanian physicist,this cars are already invented,but no one wants to build them.Oil mafia all around.He invented the jet pack,well known,used by michael jakcosn or bond .Try to discover what’s already there but no one likes to see it.

    Alex Cruceru

    • VoReason says:

      I’m sorry, no.

      Its assholes like this fake mechanic that make all those conspiracy nuts boil over. Making claims that a car can go 100 km on 0.5 liters of fuel is like saying that my electric golf cart gets infinity km per liter because it uses no fuel. The man is a quack and people like you pushing him makes me sick.

      It doesn’t matter that it can go far on little fuel. It matters if its safe, reliable, easy to repair, etc… And as for the jet pack thing, That has been proven to be undo-able with jets, turbo fans, maybe but not a jet pack.

      Get your head out of the clouds and back on to real soil.

  • Alex Cruceru says:

    You are one maybe.Look,he is from my country,not too many tv channels invited him.Get your own head from the clouds and then open your mouth.I do not think you know where you really are on this planet.You use 5-6 l per100km sometimes,with like renault clio.5persons in it.what about a small car-concept,very aerodynamic?learn to speak idiot,then talk like a schmuck if you are so smart.At least I have a proper language.Sorry for making you an idiot,I shouldn’t say true things,I have my head in the clouds.What a putz!

  • Free says:

    Alex, instead of bashing everyone that doesnt believe you, why not spend your energy and find ways to support your country’s inventors and try to bring this technological breakthrough to the world. No need to argue there.

  • Alex Cruceru says:

    let’s talk about the language of others.I was angry,but in the language you can see the civilization level.excuse me if the truth is too hard for others

    • Andrey Tsatov says:

      “but in the language you can see the civilization level.excuse me if the truth is too hard for others”
      That’s always easy to say whenever the language that’s being used is your native one.Go to India and try to tell the people there about their “civilization level” . Like you said the truth is hard for everyone to cope with.
      I’m giving you a different instance of the same “zone”.
      This is to everyone trying to compare things that are simply nonsense to bother with.Not personal to you.
      Thank you.

  • kate says:

    wow ! the line is perfect

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