Foam – Not Just for Airplanes Anymore

That’s right, it’s the “Airsquare” – designed by our pal Oliver Schick, and packaged ready for you to stack up a huge stack of them. But Chris! You might be saying, Chris why would I want that when I could just get something similar at Ikea! Well I’ll tell you: the 1 kilo to 15 kilo ratio.

Yes indeed, the 1 to 15.

1 kilo is approximately 2.2 lbs, or 1000 grams, for those of you who aren’t into the drug trade. So for this low/medium weight shelf, we have a very heavy acceptance of weight. A 30 pound book is no laughing matter.

On the bottom is “height adjustable powder-coated metal feet” that keep the system of blocks level on bumpy floors (like if you’re gonna have these thangs outside.) And then thin metal cube tops can be placed on top of the system if they’re going to be acting as sideboards or tabletops.

And I like. That. Color!

Designer: Oliver Schick

Airsquare Shelving System by Oliver Schick 01