Phonograph CD Player by Yong Jieyu & Ama Xue Hong Bin

A CD player was disassembled and the components rearranged to suit the layout of a phonograph. The speakers are put below the trumpet loudspeaker for amplification. The wooden box is made slightly more spacious then the electrical PCB board needed to achieve bass resonance. The laser pointer is shifted to the top allowing the spin of the CD to be clearly shown. By bringing back a familiar nostalgic form of a phonograph, the design seeks transport the user back to the golden age of phonographs in early 1900s where sound broadcasting had a magical feel.

Designer: Yong Jieyu & Ama Xue Hong Bin


  • K says:

    is this for sale?

  • Do you have distribution for this item?

  • jfarre says:

    How would you change tracks? I dont see any buttons on that thing.

  • nanigirl says:


    it’s very comfortable thing!!

    i wanna buy it ,if it is for sale

  • Charles Gelden says:

    I want to buy it too, where can I see them?

    Please contact me.

  • Nick says:

    This is an excellent idea.

    The only concerns would be control surfaces and the laser.
    Will it bounce out of the area of the disc and reader?

    Very nice, I would love to own one, maybe with support for
    storage and selection of a large number of cds.

    Old vinyl jukeboxes come to mind.

  • bru says:

    how buy it? where?

  • Miranda says:

    i’m also very interested in buying this!! such a great idea

  • oliver twitchett says:

    hwish to purchase one, can you tell me where and how much, many thanks

  • elaine says:

    i would also like to know how to purchase one. please send me the details, thanks

  • Fredee says:

    how buy it? where?
    send me the any tec. details?
    change track,energy


  • tunay aygun says:

    i want to buy it

  • yanskiy says:

    please tell me where i can get it…it is a perfect gift for my friend…i don’t even want to look for anything different

  • Angel says:

    please tell me where can I buy it?
    Its so beautiful, I must have it =)

  • Laura says:

    Hey I live in Canada and would love to purchase this.
    How much does it cost?

  • HanGang says:

    Design is so sensibility.
    I wanna buy it, if it is for sale.

  • Maclosky says:

    Hi. Is this for sale? I would be interested in buy one. Can you give me contact details?
    Thank you very much

  • Carla says:

    I agree! Why isn’t there a price listed or a link to buy???! It’s a gorgeous piece, but you don’t even provide first hand instructions on how to purchase it.

  • CHRIS says:

    why doesn’t anybody reply HOW CAN WE BUY THIS?!?!?!
    DOES ANYBODY FROM THIS SITE EVEN READ OUR POSTS?????????????????????????????/

    • Radhika Seth says:

      Looks like the link to the designer’s homepage has expired, anyways, we were hoping you guys figure out that most of what you see on YD is concepts, unless indicated in the post. Or you can find buyable stuff in the reviews section right here:

  • papy says:

    dude that looks freaking awasome

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