Ten Creative Re-Invention Of The Light Bulb

History suggests that over twenty inventors worked toward the creation and design of the light bulb. Of these, Thomas Edison’s version was the most efficient. We are not here to dispute any claims but to appreciate the various forms and representations it has taken. Coming to the present times (and a bit into the future), let’s look at ten creative re-inventions of this light source.

10) LED Light Bulb by Frog Design


Designed to look just like an incandescent bulb, this “Trojan” has all the goodness of an LED but wears the original design. Featuring an aluminum socket plus the same warm color of a Light Bulb, this LED gives you energy savings and a life span of 30+ years.

9) (de)light by Cristina Ferraz Rigo


Adding fluidity to light, this concept looks at pouring out the illuminant into various conventional components like the bulb.

8 ) SoundBulb by Hoang M Nguyen, Poom Puttorngul & Anh Nguyen


SoundBulb is a multi-tasking bulb. It’s got the lights to illuminate plus speakers to stream in the music. Talk about hardwork’in!

7) Sticky Lamp by Chris Kabel


Like the coconut tree nothing should go waste, all should be recycled. Sticky Lamp is just that. A creative way to illuminate your space and make use of the packaging that comes with it.

6) Flat Lightbulb by Joonhuyn Kim


This is what you get when you send a light bulb on a diet! I wonder if it was a low-carb or Atkins!

5) Vaka by Ian Bach


Silicon Lights on a post that can be twisted out and carried all over the place! Awesome fun for parties or that special date-romantic-setting when you cook a special meal for her.

4) Accustica by Altera Design Studio


Who needs to dress up the walls in pain when you can have the wild and colorful Accustica

3) Lichtinfusion by Christian Maas


A visual treat for those who like to pepper their apartments with eccentric stuff. In Red bulbs, it’s must-have for the house of horrors!

2) Lamp Globes by Veronica Eklund


Depicting a single molecule splitting into two, the Lamp Globe is as artsy as a light-bulb can get!

1) Pocket Light by Hyun Jin Yoon & Eun Hak Lee


Crazy as it may seem, but imaging carrying your light bulb in your back-pocket! This credit card-sized wonder is powered by a small cell and is simply ingenious.