5 Favorite Spices, Mago5 Spice Rack Review

I’m a vegetarian and sometimes it’s challenging to whip up something quick and tasty. No time to slave over the stove waiting for the flavors of garlic, celery, onion, and carrots to meld. That means all my flavors need to come from spices and there are 5 I use most often when I make my favorite type of food; soups. Enter the Mago5 magnetic spice rack.

I usually keep all my spices in a cabinet right next to the stove. They come in various packages and some aren’t exactly easy to dispense so I’ve been thinking about a spice rack for a long time. The Mago5 just holds 5 but that’s pretty much all I use day to day; paprika, coriander, marjoram, basil, and thyme. Those 5 spices are my secret (not so secret) to the most delicious soups. Varying amounts of each make everything from the best minestrone to the most satisfying lentil soups.

5 polypropylene jars with magnetized tops adhere to a magnetic plate. I mounted mine right underneath the spice cabinet so the commonly used spices are within reach. The design is incredibly simple and yet I can find no real equivalent in the market. To dispense the spices, you unscrew the lid ever so slightly and shake to your heart’s content.

In practice it performed as expected. The kit comes with labels pre-printed with some of the most common spices. If you’re into more exotic items like star anise there are blank templates too. They’re easy to fill and tho modern – the look isn’t stark enough to clash with traditional kitchen decor.

My only gripe is the plastic. I found it absorbed the smell of the spices so replacing them with another required a thorough soaking with soapy water. Glass jars would work better but the weight could be too much for the magnets and the last thing I need are shattered jar(s) of spices.


  • L34.5, W7.6, H10 (cm)

What we loved:

  • Frees up counter space and can be hung multiple ways
  • Kit comes with mounting screws and labels
  • Simple twist cap makes filling and dispensing easy
  • Each polypropylene jar holds 4 oz and is BPA free

What could be improved:

  • Polypropylene material absorbs odor
  • $24.95 for a 5-spice rack is a bit pricey
  • Works best for small or finely milled spices

Designer: OHM for ModennBuy it here ]