Transparent Barista Paradise

Presenting “The Art of Expresso” – a dream station for all those that serve that morning, afternoon, and nightly cup o joe. Expresso machines have always been quite large, and at most / all of the coffee places I’ve ever been at, it’s difficult or impossible to see what’s going on behind the counter. It takes a special person to be a good caffeine server, one that takes pride in how they mix. Now they can have that stage they’ve always been dreaming of.

All of the components of the machines are hidden below (with what I assume is easy access if need be, for repairs, ect.) What lies above are all the levers you need to expel the liquids you love, along with the grinders and tamps. The legs holding up the heads contain the tubes that bring the wake-up juice.

Sip Un2 The Joy Fantastic!

Designer: Loc Trinh







  • M.S.W. says:

    The overall design in nice smooth and clean. The only thing that seems to be out of place on the “stage” area is the bland solid black touch screen register. It offsets the all the eye catching ambiance of the highly polished silver chromed dispensers.
    Perhaps the designer should go with either silver or gold accented 2 sided (One side facing the “audience” with the tally of sale) version touch screen. So that it visually more in tune with the rest of the “stage” props.
    Since the intent here is to focus on the prep being more “stage” show like, the counter surface facing the audience should be painted matte black. So that the viewers eyes would stay more easily focused on the show rather then having to compensate for the nasty glow off the white surface.
    BTW be sure to have the counter surfaces powder coated for easy clean up. Coffee stains are a PITA to remove off most other surfaces.

  • M.S. says:

    Every time this post wrote “expresso” I cringed, sorry Chris.

    Onto the product: as a barista myself I do appreciate the idea of hidden machinery, though I must say that I think this proposal lacks details. Normally I’d say it’s fine for a concept to be vague but fine espresso machines are devices of great intricacy and elaborate functionality, and this is just too simplified.
    -Where are the timers? Fine espresso cannot be auto-dosed.
    -This counter is begging for more preparation space.
    -A big reason espresso machines are so visible is because the best shops will frequently tinker and adjust them throughout the day, since conditions change. This makes that quite difficult, even though it’s cleaner.
    -The render could use some adjusting of the material assigned to the surface of the counter top, it’s tiled strangely.

    I do think it’s a good start, everyone would like to see more of what the barista is doing, and a barista would like to more easily interact with customers. Keep up the work!

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