Transparent Barista Paradise

Presenting “The Art of Expresso” – a dream station for all those that serve that morning, afternoon, and nightly cup o joe. Expresso machines have always been quite large, and at most / all of the coffee places I’ve ever been at, it’s difficult or impossible to see what’s going on behind the counter. It takes a special person to be a good caffeine server, one that takes pride in how they mix. Now they can have that stage they’ve always been dreaming of.

All of the components of the machines are hidden below (with what I assume is easy access if need be, for repairs, ect.) What lies above are all the levers you need to expel the liquids you love, along with the grinders and tamps. The legs holding up the heads contain the tubes that bring the wake-up juice.

Sip Un2 The Joy Fantastic!

Designer: Loc Trinh