Coz I’m In A Mushy Mood

At YD we are getting all charged up about Valentines, Ah! We are the lovable bunch, how else do you think our multi-cultural team would survive! And here’s the perfect example of how we should be spreading our love….by sharing our music! Music in Love Audio Splitter is cute coz it’s in the predictable Heart-Shape! The splitter is designed with one jack connecting to a MP3 player, and two other ports for 3.5mm head phone jacks.

Hook up more splitters to collectively listen to music, however that would really look weird! So if there’s plenty of you, just hook the music source via the splitter to some speakers instead! What a way to spread LOVE!

Designer: Chris NG for Fadtronics

Music in Love Audio Splitter by Chris NG for Fadtronics