This iPad keyboard’s typing surface can transform into a large multi-touch trackpad!

There’s this term that gets floated around a lot, known as the ‘Apple Tax’. Buy earphones, they cost a certain amount, buy the Apple Airpods, however, and they’re MUCH more expensive. The same goes for Apple’s chargers, cables, and other accessories (I’m looking at you, Mac Pro wheels). That tax, however, isn’t without reason. Customers are more than happy to pay a little extra for a product that comes with Apple’s seal of approval, but there are just some third-party products that are so good and affordable that they challenge that status quo. The Mokibo Folio is one of those products.

At nearly 1/4th the price of Apple’s own Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro, the Mokibo Folio provides the same set of features in a portable, accessible, and universally compatible format. Designed to work with multiple devices, and with a foldable stand that lets you prop those devices up as you type, the Mokibo Folio is a QWERTY keyboard that also doubles up as an iPad case. Designed, however, with a touch-sensitive surface that sits under the entire right-half the keyboard’s key-surface, the Mokibo goes from keyboard to touch-board just simply by running your hand over the right-hand side of the keyboard’s surface, allowing you to swipe, pinch, and perform a wide variety of gestures.

Although the Mokibo’s true competitor is its over-priced counterpart, the Apple Magic Keyboard (which only works with Apple’s products), it holds its own pretty well when compared to most traditional Bluetooth keyboards too. Fitted with exceedingly tactile Pantograph switch-mechanism keys, Mokibo offers a comfortable typing experience within a slim profile that makes its keyboard folio very portable. The keyboard sports the standard layout (sans the Numpad) and even boasts of an extra row of function keys to bring a powerful laptop experience to mobile devices, along with a special dedicated key that allows you to left-click on elements.

The red-colored left-click key, however, is just a small component of Mokibo’s secret sauce… its touch-sensitive surface. Covering the entire right-hand side of the keyboard is a touch-panel that lets you use the keyboard’s surface as a trackpad for your connected device. Earlier iterations of the Mokibo had the entire keyboard designated as a touch-surface, but considering how humans tend to unconsciously have their idle hand resting on the keyboard as the other hand uses the trackpad, this edition of the Mokibo puts the trackpad only under half the keyboard. Switching between typing and touching modes is something that’s baked right into the Mokibo’s own AI, that automatically switches on the touch feature only when needed, keeping it off while you type. When in touch mode, the Mokibo supports a wide variety of multi-touch gestures, bridging the gap between laptop and mobile device, while allowing users to pair and switch between as many as 3 separate devices.

Designed to easily set up your mobile workstation wherever you go, the Mokibo Folio is slim, and opens out into a keyboard that also allows you to dock your devices. Available in a general variant as well as iPad-specific variants that also function as a case, the Mokibo folds to let you prop up your devices at multiple angles, mirroring the effect and the convenience of a more powerful, versatile laptop. Armed with a 60-hour battery, USB-C fast-charging, the ability to be available in multiple languages, and a host of other powerful features fitted in a mere 7mm thin device, the Mokibo Folio does its share and more, with an early-bird price tag of just $79!

Designer: Innopresso

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Mokibo Folio – The Keyboard is the Trackpad

The Mokibo is a full-size keyboard in which the keyboard surface also functions as a trackpad. Your fingers don’t have to leave the keyboard to move the mouse cursor.

Keyboard & Trackpad Features

Mokibo Folio feels like a standard laptop keyboard because that’s what it is. The trackpad is conveniently hidden underneath the right half of the keyboard saving space and minimizing hand movements. Slide your fingers over the keys and see the mouse cursor magically move. The mouse pointer won’t move when you’re typing thanks to the automatic mode recognition algorithm. Less arm movement, 24% faster speed.

Scroll – You can scroll using two fingers just as you would a standard trackpad. Smoothness is comparable to that of trackpads/mice from leading brands.

3-Point Gesture / Tapping – You can bring up the dock with a 3-finger tap, and you can to choose the application you want to use.

3-Point Gesture / Swiping up and down – Swipe three fingers up – the iPad shows the applications you have recently used. Swipe three fingers down – the iPad goes to the home screen immediately.

3-Point Gesture / Swiping left and right – Swipe three fingers left and right – select any application you have recently used.

Tapping for clicking – You can operate left-click, double-click, or triple-click by tapping the keyboard surface with one finger. You can tap the keyboard surface with two fingers for right-click.

Multiple gesture actions – You can perform various gestures continuously with less arm movement.

Wide Touch Area – The hidden Mokibo Folio trackpad is almost three times larger than some premium trackpads, so you don’t have to rub the trackpad multiple times to move the pointer to where you want it.

Pairing with up to 3 devices via Bluetooth – Mokibo can be paired with up to three devices at the same time via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). One Mokibo can be switched from one device to another on your desk with the tap of a key. You can select one of the three devices by pressing the Fn key and one of the F9-F11 keys simultaneously.

Support iPad, iPhone, Mac, Android, and Windows – Mokibo supports not only iPad OS but also supports iOS, MacOS, Android, and Windows. You can pair with up to three heterogeneous devices. You can switch the OS by pressing the Fn and F12 keys simultaneously. The selected OS is saved and there is no need to select every time unless the device is changed.

Multi-angle Stand: The Mokibo cover allows for a variety of screen angles including the optimum angle for Apple pencil use. Only Mokibo folio for iPad Pro 11″ and 12.0″ support Multi-angle stand feature.

Where is the Trackpad?

In previous versions of Mokibo, the entire keyboard was a trackpad. With this design, you have to remove the left hand from the keyboard to use the trackpad. With the new Mokibo Folio, only the right side is used as the trackpad. Therefore, you can leave your left hand on the keyboard while using the trackpad with your right hand.

What Kind of Keyboard?

Mokibo uses a pantograph keyboard, which is the most widely used type of keyboard in laptop computers, so it will have a familiar feel–providing comfort and enabling fast typing. The key travel distance is 1.3 to 1.5mm which is the most desirable distance for laptop computers.

Click Here to Buy Now: $89 $169.99 (47% off). Hurry, only 14/60 left!