An Ominous Orange Glow Lights London

What’s that mass of balls there in the corner? Is it a mass alien brain invasion? Oh no… Oh no, that is the Fluoro. A haze of orange / red lighting from the mind of Tom Dixon. The Fluoro comes in two different bubbles: as a pendant or a “floor light.” Check these two iterations out and throw them up all over your room! They can command an entire house, engulfing it in the color of madness and insanity.

Surely you too would love to engulf yourself in the haze? Made from polycarbonate with a matt florescent orange coating. With the floor light comes a 250cm clear cable, with the other comes a black ceiling rose and cord to hang from on high.

45 Centimeters diameter for the love of wild environment.

Designer: Tom Dixon





Fluoro Shade by Tom Dixon