Lighted Artwork On My Walls

The closest I ever got to needlepoint or patchwork was way back in school when I was forced to do it (for grades!). Looking at the Breathing Patchwork has stirred the artist in me to try out some artsy work in the name of innovation. Basically these modular light tiles are marriage between doing “family patchwork quilt and home-made stained glass windows.” Using your creativity, paint out images on the tiles (which look translucent during the day) and watch them to come to life in the evening thanks to the OLED emitter. Create the ultimate “stained glass” mosaic!


– Each light tile is made of a small, framed 150x150mm transparent OLED emitter.
– Layered onto this is a sheet of clear acrylic, onto which an image can be painted using standard water based acrylics.
– During the day the artwork is translucent in the same way that a traditional stained glass window pane is, but at night and in low light, the OLED emitter can be turned on to create a backlit “stained glass” mosaic.
– Each acrylic panel can be removed from the frame and washed clean with warm water. New artwork can then be applied with zero material wastage.
– Each OLED tile is modular, and additional units can be placed in any pattern along the wall.
– The frame has contacts on each of its four sides allowing for limitless customization of the wall within the constraints of the power supply and OLED driver tile.

Designer’s Note:

Breathing Patchwork can be used to display children’s artwork, family patchworks, or any other artwork of personal and emotional relevance.

Designer: Shane Crozier