Throw Some Light On Your Speaker

Not to be confused with the conceptual SoundBulb that we so admired, The Sound Bulb Speaker seen here is a speaker shaped like your typical light bulb. Basically we are talking about a LED light bulb that hosts a transformer, a speaker, and a wireless receiver to stream music from your iPod, PC, mobile phone, etc. Featuring a standard Edison thread you can screw this on to almost any holder. It also consists of a protective wire mesh or hood and a translucent frosted plastic shell to support the work-dynamics. Neat idea, but I don’t this I’d be using them in my expensive cut-glass chandelier.

Designer: Armada


  • Carl says:

    this is not the first concept i have seen of this nature and it will probably not be the last.

  • M.S.W. says:

    Shouldn’t this come (at least in the base model) set of TWO Soundbulb’s? aka STEREO, especially considering the huge packaging for this. The only thing MONO is still good for is telephones.
    BTW note to designer put some air holes in the white plastic cone for better sound quality.

  • firm h says:

    nice idea but have seen it being conceptualized before by a Thai student

  • jimmy c says:

    This is that which I happen to want!

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