This Japanese wireless speaker uses a LED show to elevate listening to music into an experience!

We’re all the DJs of our own dance parties in quarantine. Whether we’re at that local jazz bar with Tuesday open mic nights or those rave-filled after-parties following a late Friday night, we’re all pretending we’re on the dancefloor. Until we can get back on the real one, take it from me, a solid speaker setup is crucial for solo Saturday night interpretative dance routines. Thankfully, Japanese design and manufacturing company, Balmuda has the portable speaker with surround sound we’ve been searching for to keep our quarantine dance parties going.

The Balmuda Speaker does a lot more than just play music too. Starting from the top, Balmuda’s 77mm full-range speaker was designed to reproduce realistic vocals and instrumentals the way they were made to be heard in the studio. The speaker’s drive unit was built to deliver a deep, robust cloud of sound with bass heard from below, providing a thick blanket of sound for the vocals to sit on and remain centered, while the treble hangs overhead, making each sound experience fill up every room. The speaker’s sound clarity was achieved through fully-enclosed, vacuum tubing made of organic glass, that traps air to act as a spring, delivering a bouncy and crisp sound with each play.

Then, while your music plays, an LED light show emanates from each speaker’s center to mimic the lights from live musical performances. The speed of lights synchronizes with each song played and can be manually adjusted to fit the mood of any hangout or dance party. The sound of a song is converted to pops of light at a speed of 0.004 seconds, so no matter which song is on queue, Balmuda Speaker automatically adjusts its light show. The Balmuda Speaker can either be connected via BlueTooth or AUX input, and its Live Light mode has three different settings: ‘Beat’ for uptempo songs, ‘Ambient’ for a relaxed mood, and ‘Candle’ for slower songs.

Designer: Balmuda

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Balmuda Speaker features an LED light show that syncs up to your music no matter the song.

For slower tunes, Balmuda Speaker can be adjusted to act like a candle, just like live music in candlelit jazz bars.

A vacuum tube constructed from organic glass helps to deliver crisp audio.

Balmuda can be taken anywhere, even outdoor hangouts at the park.

The sophisticated design and subtle elegance of Balmuda helps in making it fit into any room.

The speaker’s 7mm full-range speaker offers 360-degree sound to fill up the entire room.

Balmuda comes with the option for Bluetooth connectivity, offering wireless capabilities.

Also equipped with an AUX input terminal, Balmuda can play, music from any source.

The rear panel of Balmuda comes with three options for different Livelight shows: Beat, Ambient, and Candle.