Pimp Your Doorbell

Designer Mike Skene has taken the ordinary old doorbell and pimped it to a new level. Taking initial inspiration from percussion, the action of striking of one body against another and a persons ability to interact with their surroundings through their sense of touch, “Doorbell” is an original take on a well known device providing a unique, evocative user experience that is sure to bring a smile to your face when heard for the first time.

Made up of 13 hand tuned aluminum chimes housed in a sycamore frame, the Doorbells contemporary design and appealing sound is a welcome change to the standard functions of a doorbell.

Using an application such as iTunes users can even download new ring tones in seconds straight to their Doorbell. As well as this the chimes themselves are interchangeable and can be ordered both individually or in octave sets.

So who wants to hear this belt out an ACDC tune?

Designer: Mike Skene