Your wristborne fitness guru

Who said staying fit was expensive? Here’s something to shake your misconceptions up. A fitness tracker that tracks steps, calories, sleep cycles, creates a comprehensive cluster of all that data, and allows you to visualize it all on your phone in a meaningful manner. It additionally advises you to live a healthy life by telling you little things you can do to positively impact your health in a large way. That, although, is just the second coolest thing about the Trasense Movement fitness tracker. The most amazing thing about it, BY FAR, is that it costs a ridiculous $18. Nothing about its build quality is, however, in tandem with its price.

Designed to look like jewelry on your wrist, the Trasense Movement is not just the prettiest $18 fitness wearable out there, it’s also the ONLY $18 fitness wearable out there. But yeah, it’s also goshdarnit pretty!

Designer: Trasense

Author: Sarang Sheth