Bright Lights in the Grips of your Fingertips

When I first read the mail from the designer (Christian Precht) of this project, I thought it was Jesus Christ the Son of God and Industrial Design! Turns out Christian Precht isn’t devine, just a clever renderer and a super designer. Precht’s product is called “Add-it-on,” and it’s organic. Clip on, clip on, LEDs to light your night so you can keep on, keep on.

Precht was inspired by growth in nature: “L-systems, cell breeding, or brownian motion.” Each of those little creature objects you see connected together there is a flexible luminescent light fractal. They link together, each daisy-chaining power to the next – energized by one near a power plug (or within reach of a power cord).

Add ons include rods, spotlights, pencil holders, and dimmers.

Answer me this, everyone: how many clever little lamps is enough? The answer is: no to many is too many. Word to little lamps.

Designer: Christian Precht