Overhead Gaming Revolution

Whoa a revolution! Total revolution. For people who bring their giant computers all to one spot and give the party that ensues a name: LAN. Local Area Networks with 1,000 cables no more! Here it is in one machine. Each console can handle up to 16 players. This machine, the “Iris,” is a computer, router, switch, and projector. And! And! And! it costs around the price of a single home computer. Now with updates from the man himself!

There’s a main hub which is the computer and the charging station for the projector. The projector is able to project to 4 screens simultaneously. It sticks to basically any surface using an “advanced gecko dry adhesive material” just like spiderman probably. The controllers for the system are gloves. These glovely controllers use accelerometers in the tips of the fingers and a gyroscope at the back of the hand to calculate the position of the gloves in relation to one another and to the screen.

It’s just like those gloves they used to have for the “virtual reality” games they’d have at the state fair! Those were terrible. These seem better, somehow.

The materials are: Body: Anodized White Aluminum (Polished and Anodized on top, brushed and anodized on bottom), Pod Glass: Water-white, low iron, ultra clear glass, anti-glare and anti-reflective coating on both sides, Trim/Grip/Top Button Pad: Heat resistant silicone rubber (clear next to pad – for light to show through, gray otherwise).

I shall suggest interchangeable controller systems right this moment. It was fantastic to see the multiple functionalities of the Nintendo Wii controller, I wonder how the gloves might hold up against it. The downfall of the VR system gloves of the past were the fact that when you swiped a sword or pressed a trigger, your finger, of course, felt no pressure, thus a strange situation for you the gamer.

Also how will I play Tony Hawk without directional buttons?! Oh my goodness this needs to be rectified instantly.

Updates from David Jones:

1. The projection pod has 4 separate projectors inside of it. Each of them projecting a separate image, each in 4 directions, giving you a a total of 4 separate and unique images being projected.

2. ‘Gecko dry adhesive’ is a real synthetic material that has been developed by chemist researchers in collaboration with robotics researchers at Berkley.
Here is the material:
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Here is how it was developed (its toward the end of the video):
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3. Lastly, that these glove controllers will have input AND an output so that there would be tactile feel to the gloves when used as a sword or a gun you get the feeling along with the visuals.


Designer: David Jones


  • Lamah says:

    I don’t believe that you could maintain the temperature of an enclosure that small that uses enough power for four computers and four projectors, and has no significant vents.

    • M.S.W. says:

      Are you refering to the enclosure for the removable projector pod? Because the computer base unit appears from the renders to have more than ample holes in both the lower section as well as vent holes at the top where the projector pod plugs into.

      Question for the designer about the “gecko dry adhesive”, How does the owner remove the projector pod from the surface it’s stuck to without damageing the surface or the pod?

      Design modification suggestion: Devise a method to make the pod ceiling mountable by the shorter gamers without them having to stand on something to put it on/take it off the ceiling.

      Otherwise it’s inevitable one of them will fall tring to mount/dismount the pod and try to sue.

      • Lamah says:

        An XBox360 uses ~150W, has a loud fan which shifts a lot of air and fails all the time due to overheating. It’s hard to know what projector technology the designer has in mind, but it could use 200W per projector.

        You’re telling me that you think that you could dissipate 1400W of power through those tiny vent holes? You’d scorch your hand if you even tried to approach it.

        • M.S.W. says:

          Based on the size of the projector pod’s design one can infer the designer intends to use 4 “PICO Projectors” which can easily be fitted into the ceiling pod. Powered by High lumen output, low temp LEDs. Thus negating any fear of cooking yourself or the ceiling. Link to just one example of PICO tech


          If you Google “Pico Projectors” you can see that they can easily perform the intended purpose. Albeit still bit pricy for 4 units in a pod. But price comes down eventualy.

          As far as the base unit it’s design appears to have ample circulation ability.

          • Lamah says:

            The Pico projector specs list the light output as 7 lumens. I don’t think I’ve seen a projector as dim as even 500 lumens before.

  • tony says:

    I really don’t think this would ever work, I am an engineer and I am very confident this will not work. As for the design, I really don’t like it and I think it lacks many design aspects. I think the materials david chose will make the game console very heavy. Sorry david, maybe next time!

  • M.S.W. says:

    Yes Lamah, the STOCK Pico Projector from that one source is 7 lumens. BUT from a design engineer POV one can source the Pico projection unit(s) from one vendor and then source the LED light(s) from another vendor in order to create the finished projection subassembly to for this product to work.

    Example of a place to get High lumen output LEDs is http://www.superbrightleds.com/leds.htm

  • Lamah says:

    The highest rated LED there rated in lumens is 80 lumens. Hardly staggering.

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