How Smart A Chef Are You?

Really Smart eh? Can you recall all your recipes by heart; tell me exactly how many calories are there in the dish that you are preparing; the amount of protein, cholesterol in it; are the ingredients fresh enough? NO!! NO!! You’re not a SMART Chef then. Actually you never can be, coz then you’d be this computer with an intelligent cutting board and integrated scale. The wise guy here can connect with local farmers and farmer’s markets to help you procure the seasonal produce. It can even help you share recipes, formulate diet plans etc. The unit is made up of a bamboo surfaced cutting board element containing the SmartChef’s computing and food scanning hardware, while a portable touch-screen tablet provides a kitchen-safe interface that can travel throughout the kitchen and home.

Technology has invaded our kitchens and smart refrigerators and ovens are a proof of it. Envisioning a smart cutting board is not too far fetched, it’s just the question of us accepting and getting used to it. I know there are several issues that need to be addressed, like juices that come out of the veggies that we cut and how will an electronic board tackle that. With such similar issues resolved, I’m sure some Smart company will see the potential and come up with the apt board.

Designer: Kaiju Studios