Sticky Voice on the Wall

Record me is an ingenious way to pass on messages and stay in touch with busy family members. Most of us have adopted the sticky-note-on-the-fridge routine; Record me changes this to a voice message that can be easily recorded and played back. The video explains the procedure and I think it is a clever way to stay in touch, I mean I’d much rather listen to my son speak than decipher his scrawny note!

Designer: Luc van Hoeckel


  • Friedrich says:

    Nice concept, even it reminds me very strong to the Muji´s CD-Player. Simple to use and a usefull gadget in our business driven familyworld 😛

  • anoush says:

    cool idea, but lacks aesthetic appeal in my opinion. also, in this day and age when almost everyone owns at least one mobile phone with voicemail, i question the purpose and function. perhaps the ‘idea’ can be proposed for a particular target market (off hand, the elderly?)..

  • Me too think it’s similar to Muji´s CD-Player.

  • Jimmy C says:

    I think it’s neat! Really useful for family!

  • Karen says:

    Where do I buy one? Love it.

  • cornel says:

    cool concept! and strong movie.
    I wanna buy one!

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