Richard Serra Sculpture Redux

You know the giant metal sculptures of the world-renound sculptor artist Richard Serra? Well get on that! Read and roll! Then come back and see this direct homage (NOT DIRECTLY AFFILIATED) to Serra through room dividing walls. Hangers and all kinds of stuff too! Don’t put these on carpeting or clay. That would just plain spell disaster. Also be wary of hanging any long artwork or photographs.

A personal moment with me, Chris Burns, your humble narrator for this and many other posts:

Have you ever been to Minneapolis? Rich people live in Minneapolis. They do business. Poor people live in Minneapolis, too. They do artwork. If this “Serra” project were made in Minneapolis, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were made by one (the artists), and purchased by the other (the rich.) Happens all the time. ALL the time.

Incidentally, Serra wasn’t conceived or built anywhere near Minneapolis. The 2-B-2 Architecture group is Russian. And these walls were built on Russian soil. Be sure to check out the rest of the work by 2-B-2 available here at Yanko Design. They are totally amazing and splendiferous.

EDIT: My mistake! 2-B-2 are Ukrainian! A thousand apologies!

And lest we forget:

Can you imagine such a setup in your living room?

Designer: 2-B-2 Architecture