Couch Counselling by Danielle Sobik

A sleek modern form allied with a gray covering, the aesthetics of the sofa represents the lifestyles that we instantly recognize, modern and impersonal. However when we take a minute to sit down we discover much more is going on. As a couple sit apart on the sofa they are supervised when a cold blue pattern begins to grow around them. The blue pattern signifies their distance apart from each other. With the pattern changing in relation to proximity, as they move towards each other warm pink petals begin to form signifying their closeness. Surrounded by warm pink petals and the occasional blue, the thoughtful and playful development of the pattern means an ever evolving and changing pattern display occurs. The pattern represents a visual translation of how we use a piece of furniture and the quiet little interactions we have with them. The sofa is an intuitive use of emerging technologies exploring the patterns of those who live and share with others. Using light emitting (Electrolumiscent) technology in conjunction with trigger sensitive materials the visual pattern displays a randomized pattern which forms depending on where a person is located on the sofa.

Designer: Danielle Sobik