Spidy Chair & Paint Can Lights; Awesome Combo!

With a very creative name like Twenty5ive, you can expect nothing but some awesome madness by designer duo Melvin Ong & Yuri Kim. While Melvin sticks to insect-inspiration, Yuri explores durability and kitsch with lights. Have a look….

Itsy Bitsy Rocking Stool by Melvin is a take on the namesake nursery rhyme; hence the spider legs provide the rocking action.

The last three pictures are of the CANdle Lamp by Yuri, it features a sustainable design with “non fragile and recycle” being the keywords. Crafted from an aluminum case with a built-in LED lamp, this light adapts being a spotlight and an ambient light with minor positioning changes.

Designers: Melvin Ong & Yuri Kim for Twenty5ive