Best of May 2009

Every month we take a look around and select some of the most interesting designs that was showcased here. Below you’ll find the most popular designs we’ve tracked over the last 30 days – an overview of designs you shouldn’t have missed in May 2009.

10) Wake Up Food Alarm by De Dietrich. Permalink Hits: 7365

9) Wacomvision by Lauren Argo. Pemalink Hits: 10079

8 ) Electronic Drums by Petr Kubik. Permalink Hits: 10167

7) 10 Apple Concepts. Permalink Hits: 10843

6) H2O Water Purifier by Leonardo Manavella. Permalink Hits: 12032

5) 10 Robots That You Never Knew You Wanted. Permalink Hits: 13031

4) Honda Hovercar by John Mahieddine. Permalink Hits: 15097

3) Seedbomb Plant Capsules by Jin-Wook Hwang. Permalink Hits: 18741

2) 10 Umbrella Designs. Permalink Hits: 20294

1) Three Screen Setup MID by Petr Kubik. Permalink Hits: 27034


  • S.K says:

    The seedbomb plant capsule and the lit umbrella were nice

  • stella says:

    Im soooo over looking at products designed for mac! I doubt even Mac would be impressed with these designs because its not exactly exploring new avenues for their styling…its all just the same, and so its boring!!
    good lad Yanko, give the Mac rip-off designers a bit more criticism, it’ll be for their own good:)

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