A Modern Chopstick for the Less Coordinated

I love Sushi! I love Oriental food! So what if people laugh at me while I pretend to know how to use my chopsticks while my food falls back onto my plate. Bottom-line, I am not coordinated enough to use them. Lincoln Kayiwa had to have been sitting in a sushi bar watching me at a distance while I made a total fool of myself, inspiring his creation of the TUKAANI. In actuality, Kayiwa developed this design based on the bill of a Toucan bird. The sterling silver utensil allows for the user to steadily grip their food and place in their mouth without the fear of looking like a fool (such as myself). The loop at the end of the design allows for easy storage and display. Thanks Kayiwa for allowing me an added bit of confidence next time I walk into a Sushi bar.

Designer: Lincoln Kayiwa


  • zippyflounder says:

    oh come now, joined chop sticks have been around forever, in plastic, metal, wood and even ceramic. The curved shape, adds no impovement to function, and only shouts I AM A KLUTZ to any and all.

  • enoo says:

    Well, it looks like a piece from a giant safety pin to me, not a toucan beak. :/

    I wish I could find some joined chopsticks somewhere — but better looking than those ones — because I’m not really good at eating things with chopsticks either 🙂

  • Fagballs says:

    this is an acient idea, you can just put an elastic band around chopsticks infact. Would be better to be able to use them as normal chopsticks as well; give them a try or practise then use joint as a backup to avoid embarassment.

    • Zoosty says:

      yea, and u can just sticky tape soles to ur feet and wear garbage bags instead of say… a diesel top, they’ll even be waterproof too…

      not everyone can master the skill of using chopsticks especially when its something new…

      • CoolCow says:

        Ok I just have to say, I’ve always hated Western cultures trying to modernize everything for “their” needs. This “chopstick” is not solving any problems, rather it is quite a pompous endeavor in saying “chopsticks are hard, I’m going to make them easier”… CHOPSTICKS ARE NOT HARD TO USE! i’ve seen a 60 year old lady (caucasian) learn to use them, and i’ve seen 2 year olds pick them up in no time. You do not have dumb-downed cars, dumb-downed toothbrushes, dumb-downed shoe-laces… because it is already the most basic skill you can learn, chopsticks are not new… they’ve been around for god knows how long. when you played your first video game, was the controller easy to use? no… but after time you become more skilled… just use it and you will learn. it has less to do with strength or dexterity, and more to do with adaptation. just use it and you will learn.

  • jin_woo_han says:

    WOw I surprised!! I saw your works thru searching about helsinki university today.
    you are the only one I clicked~! and see again~! anyway good Idea!!:)

  • JT says:

    Zippy, I agree that they’ve been around forever but let’s think of this as similar to an elegant redesign of a chair, which also has been around forever. It’s a fun and playful new take on an old concept. Though admittedly, people touting it as “the next best thing” need to be shaken like a baby.


  • cha0tic says:

    Just learn to use chopsticks, it’s not that difficult.

  • AN says:

    It looks ridiculously silly. Not very practical.

  • Sonny Angela says:

    ouch !!, i thing i ll hurt my lips to see that pin come to my mouth, can we get any other friendly form?

  • Rono says:

    Some of these comments are weird.

    1. It’s a nice, simple design. Although, it can be seen as too plain. Maybe a colored grip would help it look more appealing to others.

    2. Yes, it’s been done but many designs/concepts on this site are just re-used ideas.

    3. I guess it would be easier to just learn how to use chopsticks, but that could be said about many products on Yanko.

    4. No, it wouldn’t hurt your lips. The tips are rounded so there’s no way it would hurt your lips.

    Good job. 🙂

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