A Modern Chopstick for the Less Coordinated

I love Sushi! I love Oriental food! So what if people laugh at me while I pretend to know how to use my chopsticks while my food falls back onto my plate. Bottom-line, I am not coordinated enough to use them. Lincoln Kayiwa had to have been sitting in a sushi bar watching me at a distance while I made a total fool of myself, inspiring his creation of the TUKAANI. In actuality, Kayiwa developed this design based on the bill of a Toucan bird. The sterling silver utensil allows for the user to steadily grip their food and place in their mouth without the fear of looking like a fool (such as myself). The loop at the end of the design allows for easy storage and display. Thanks Kayiwa for allowing me an added bit of confidence next time I walk into a Sushi bar.

Designer: Lincoln Kayiwa