Evolving Electricals


You’d think that by now we would just unite and come up with a single universal plug design. I know world peace and unity is difficult, but could we just have one damn plug and plug-point to match?! Designer Xiaojiu Zhang said to herself “to hell with converters, why can’t the plug just modify itself to fit different orientations?”. The result was the 3+2 Plug, a shape shifting plug design that can alter to fit two plug-point configurations.

The plug is circular with a pretty easy-to-grip shape. The grip also doubles as a knob that can be turned to mechanically flip/rotate the pins. Go ahead, give it a scroll! I’m sure you’ll marvel the idea. Maybe come up with some useful insights!

Designer: Xiaojiu Zhang








  • Falah Belal says:

    So nice

  • Phil Bruce says:

    The Australian three prong plug is designed so that the earth prong is at the bottom this is so that if the plug is bumped the earth remains connected and the active and neutral disconnect first. It also has angled prongs so that US 110 volt appliances cant be plugged into it and go booom.

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