Worst Idea: Cords

So you’ve got cords. I know you do. Here’s the solution for you. That’s assuming you’ve got beef with cords! Which most people generally do at one time or another in their cordy lives. Here it is. It’s DOTZ. It’s made up of three different kinds of accessories: Dotz™ CordIdentifiers™, Dotz CordStraps™, and Dotz ™ CordWraps™. I imagine that you’re hardcore enough to guess which is which and what they do, generally. Worth it? Cute enough colors and icons?

Each of these thangs is reusable in one way or another. And I think the colors are pretty darn cute with those icons. Would they be helpful to you? I certainly wouldn’t mind a few of these if I were in an office environment where cords were an issue.

I imagine the makers of Dotz wouldn’t mind a bit of feedback on their dotty dot business, so speak candidly and without a dot of hesitation!

Designer: Micah L. Maraia


  • Good ideal! I finally can find the line quickly.

  • 漂亮宝宝 says:

    Good ideal! I finally can find the line quickly.

  • Lamah says:

    Funky colours! I can see these selling well in an electronics store.

  • Yeah they look practical, not sure how much cable that dots going to be able to eat up, though.

  • diany says:

    i could’ve used those identifiers 2 days ago when i moved my computer, printer & scanner

  • Lior says:

    I use cable binders with tags to separate cords and knowing which is which. Dotz is a great idea, but it should be realy low-cost to actually work

  • Kelly Hayden says:

    I am torn between thinking this belongs in a Miles Kimball catalog for housewives who have no idea what a power strip is and thinking this would be super handy. I do hate retracing wires but I kind of think this would better be served with some DIY handiwork with some electrical tape action and a pen rather than buying another cheap piece of plastic that may end up in the junk drawer. My point is it does serve its purpose and people will probably buy it but it is still another cheap thing to get out of a catalog for your computer inept grandmother.

  • Willzville says:

    Ehh, I think it’s a problem that just isn’t big enough to solve.

    I myself only encounter the ‘which plugs which?’ problem a few times a year, and I can mostly tell which plugs belong to which appliances, especially since many product designers these days like to get involved with the plugs as well.

    Then again, if I saw them for sale at 10 for $2 I’d probably buy three.

  • tazz says:

    I willy sorry~
    This is aleady Somebody did it
    awarded REDDOT~

  • Joe says:

    I did the fact check on the comment above and Dotz patents were filed in 2006. That is 2 years before this award was won!

    Dotz are Awesome! They are a much cleaner & simpler design and will not become entangled with cords like the “concept”. Go Dotz!

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