10 Creative And Noteworthy Kitchen Companions

Kitchen and people have a love-hate relationship. Many love to hate the chores involved in the process of cooking. Others simply can’t just stop boasting about their culinary skills. For me the toughest part is the chopping of veggies and managing my refrigerator. For you it may be doing the dishes. What we can’t deny is the lure of a prim and proper kitchen that is fitted with the best of best appliances and aids that make cooking a pleasure. Here’s a look at Ten Creative Kitchen Companions that can make you the perfect chef!

10) Coo Boo – Digital Cookbook by Philipp Gilgen

Digital age is here people and the next step in recipe management is the Coo.boo digital cookbook. Hang it up next to the ladles or stack it next to the dishes, it syncs and stores all your secret stuff that even Monica Geller can’t access.

9) Cooking Stones by Ki-hoon Yoo

Using electromagnetic induction the Stones roast veggies, beans or meat; remove the stones and use them to heat water or soup or even cook meat from the inside. Either ways an appliance like this can make you look like the ultimate know-it-all high-tech chef!

8 ) Soft Mobile Refrigerator by Qingxiang Ou, Jingchang Chen, Wenmin Li, Lei Zhang, Rui Qi, Lu Song, Peng Zhou, Xiaoyan Deng, Haifeng Liu & Longfei Li

That’s not a tent in the middle of your kitcen; it’s a fridge for heaven’s sake! Portable, expandable, soft, alluring and plain old AWESOME! It’s the next-gen Refrigerator!

7) Knead Helper – Helps Knead Dough for People with Arthritis by Nate Braxton

Bottom-line, my ma-in-law can no longer use her Arthritis as an excuse once I get her this Knead Helper. She can use this contraption to knead dough and help me out in the kitchen sometimes!

6) Balance Silver Kitchen Scale by Hannes Mayer

Time to discard that hands-me-down scale that mom used while baking. Measure out ingredients in style. This one’s an actual product that you can add to your kitchen. Taking advantage of gravitational pull, the device easily weighs a load on a cleverly designed rocker. Goods up to 2 kg are precisely weighed by shifting a weight.

5) Vegetable Twister by Nose Design Intelligence

You need not be an Italian by birth to love Spaghetti, and those oodles noodles need not be created by flour alone. The Vegetable Twister challenges your creativity with cucumbers, potatoes, zucchini, radish and many other types of vegetables. Shove them in the Twister and shape out Cucumber Pasta!

4) Öz Pepper Grinder by Ahmet Bektes and Koray Gelmez

Giving the mortar and pestle a decoy is this Öz pepper grinder. It’s fashionable, sounds so Down Under and looks adorable. The Turkish marble just makes it more Royal!

3) Blue by Ahmet Bektes, Koray Gelmez & Eda Kose

Fresh fruits stay fresh with this Blue concept fruit bowl that uses Action Fresh Blue technology to keep the zing. The blue wavelength inhibits and kills bacteria thereby prolonging shelf life. A bowl of fruit on the kitchen platform always adds to the décor, and arranged in a bowl like this, it looks divine!

2) Knife Sharpener by Adam Clark

A good cook knows the value of a sharp knife but a bad cook values it even more. Blunt knives can be sharpened easily with this Sharpener and its somehow adds an essence of sophistication to your kitchen ambience. Like showing how much you care about maintaining your cooking tools.

1) BasicKnives by Caroline Noordijk

How I adore this knife! A total Dreamboat! “The set of knives makes other kitchen tool redundant by incorporating different (cutting)-actions within the un-used surfaces of the blades.”
Need I say more?