A Light that’s Appealing and A’peel’ing!


As far as interaction design goes, the Rolo is the best lamp I’ve seen in the past few months. It ditches the concept of regulator switches, for something more tactile and a’peel’ing (I can’t use that pun enough). The lampshade itself takes inspiration from the exterior of a banana, and you’re required to peel its layers to reveal the light source in between. In doing so, you allow more light to shine through, so the more you peel, the brighter the room gets.

Rolo brings an innocent, playful quality to the lamp, and even though it’s much easier to use your smartphone to brighten or dim down your lights, there’s something much more inviting about the Rolo, going to show that technology can never replace the joy of a well-designed product experience. 11/10 would love to have this in their homes!

Designer: Smallgran