This tiny Microlino camper trailer with a retractable kitchen is for urban adventure seekers!

Normally when you think about Overlanding, camper trailer, or living on the go – it is about powerful all-wheel drives hooked onto a trailer with all the luxurious amenities possible for a comfortable life on the road. But nobody has given much thought to living an adventurous life with a small electric car as the accomplice. A small hatchback on an even smaller footprint doesn’t come with the luxury of a highly powerful drivetrain. And when the drivetrain is electric, it is even harder to imagine towing a trailer keeping the feasible aspect in mind. Thus pulling a heavy camper trailer behind a small electric car is out of the question. Or is it?

Product designer Ozan Kayikci has come up with a mindful design for a camper tent and portable kitchen for the Microlino 2.0, a Swiss-based micro electric car to explore this unattended segment. A small electric car that can take pride in having a respectable camper-like configuration, complete with a small portable kitchen. This gives adventure seekers another option to hit the road in the small car with the assurance of a cozy place to set camp under the stars. The inflatable camper fits inside the front section of the vehicle, and when you need to set camp, it can be done in a jiffy with one end securely attached to the car. The boot section holds the mini kitchen to cook a quick meal under the star-studded sky.

Ozan’s idea is feasible for a day’s overnight trip to the woods for two people in a four-wheeler that can take on the busy streets of the city as well. It’s like an extended two-person tent for a short adventure trip every other month to freshen things up.

Designer: Ozan Kayikci