The Echo Auto brings the power of Alexa into your car!

The Echo Auto was announced just a few months ago at Amazon’s hardware event, along with a whole line-up of other devices (like the Alexa Microwave, the Echo Sub, and loads more) and is all set to make its way into automobiles across the world. What does it do? Gives you the power of Alexa in your car. Over the past few years, Alexa has become pretty indispensable. Most homes today have an Echo or an Echo Dot device in their homes that they talk to, summoning music from their favorite streaming service, or asking about the weather, or even ordering groceries online. The only clear disadvantage to the Alexa phenomenon is the design of the Echo devices. They’re made to be stationary, and seldom move around the house (they even have far-field microphones that can pick up your voice commands from the opposite room), which means you only use Alexa when you’re at home.

The Echo Auto wants to make Alexa portable and more accessible so you can tap into its powers while on the go. The Echo Auto is a slick device that sits on your dashboard, giving you Alexa right in your car. You can use Alexa just the way you speak to it at home. Play songs, order groceries, ask questions, make and answer phone calls, and most importantly, even ask it for directions! The Echo Auto is calibrated for in-car use, so its microphones can pick up your voice over the blaring of the sound-system, or even the incessant honking of cars around you, and its voice-assistant can even perform automobile-specific tasks like find the nearest gas-station, open the garage door, or even program location-specific tasks like calling your significant other when you’re leaving office, or your local barista when you’re heading to work. The Echo Dot is designed to be compatible with almost all cars that have Bluetooth connectivity or an aux-input. It works in conjunction with your smartphone to connect to the internet and finally unchain the Alexa experience, taking it out of your house and along with you wherever you go!

Designer: Amazon

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