Dear Diary, I Love My Robot

Hi, I would have introduced myself, but I don’t recollect my name. This here is Memo, my personal robot, and my only companion. I think I have kids, but I’m not so sure. People say I have Alzheimer and I really think they are loony! Let me tell you more about my friend Memo, at first I had reservations about his geometric form, I mean robos generally have an anthropomorphic shape. It took me time to warm up to his hard lines, but I can vouch for this friend of mine, he takes total care of me.

Some blurry faces come in once in awhile and set up tasks for him via the fingerprint-secure remote control. And this makes him plan my schedule for the day. He’ll give me my medicines, plays games with me; we spend fun times together.

Those blurry faces come live on his projected screen and they converse with me sometimes, but I tend to ignore them. One time, I fell off my chair and couldn’t get up; Memo swiftly swung into action and called up the emergency guys. Those kind folks were able to tend to me promptly thanks to Memo’s agility and presence of mind….Presence of mind, now that’s something that I don’t have. They say I have Alzheimer…..Did I mention that I have kids….Do you know Memo is my friend?……..

Designer: Watinee Leewongjaroen