If a Laptop and Desktop Made Love

U.DTR stands for Ultra Desktop Replacement, and that’s exactly what it aims to do… remove the shortcomings of both laptops and desktops to form one ultra-versatile replacement device. The most obvious improvement is the “necked” touch-screen that elevates the monitor to a more comfortable height, similar to that of a desktop computer. Did we mention it’s touch-screen?! Other extras include an angled, more ergonomic keyboard, thoughtfully placed ports, and reduced battery weight.

Another drastic re-design of the U.DTR is detachment of the main battery. Because of their large power consumption and longer working periods, desktop replacements are almost always used on a desk, hooked up to the power grid. In this scenario, the huge internal battery sometimes accounting for as much as 50% of the total weight. For this reason, U.DTR is designed with a smaller, built-in backup battery while an external battery provides extended power.

Designer: Marin Myftiu