This Skateboard is No Good

Folding a skateboard in half is ludicrous. Who Jin-Seok Hwang? Yes. What foolishness to make such a thing-but wait! This thang might actually work. Look, it’s got a folding mechanism that clicks secure when in use, one of the trucks is adjustable for when the board is in folded mode, and it looks mighty shiny! Notice anything under the board you’d find to fret about? I do.

No more boardslides for you! But considering this skateboard as more of a getting-around board, then, then maybe it’s alright. Also the adjustable truck: more trick opportunities? Or less?

Below: this board concept was sourced from the NG Boards website. They are a concept blog, like Yanko Design, but for skateboards exclusively. Below is their wacky manifesto. I suggest a full read!

NG boards is a blog for skateboards with all original content produced
by NYC designers – started in 2009 as a creative haven and outlet from
the highly ordered corporate culture which they disguise for to pay
the rent.

Founded and run in Downtown Manhattan, the collaborating artists and
designers have a range of background experience, ranging from
automotive and product design and manufacturing to corporate branding
and identity design.

Some of the boards will be produced and others exist only as concepts,
but the aim is to produce next level skateboards.

NG means ‘No Good’

People are so quick to be critical over new creative ideas, they are
so quick to call anything they don’t understand ‘stupid’ ‘lame’ or ‘No
Good’, so NG Boards beat the half-wit critics to the punch


Designer: Jin-Seok Hwang of NG Boards