No Switch’n This Lamp!

Besides their whacky sense of poetry, designer duo Qian and Yiying’s perceptions in ID tickle me no end! For example this JOININ’ Lamp; now it does what lamps are supposed to do…Light Up; but the duo jazz up the design by doing away with the ever-essential switch. They have included eight pairs of electrical contacts instead. So toss in some coins (or fancy metal pins) and see which of those 8 LEDs light up! Quirky ID fun!


no switch
but eight pairs of electrical contacts
Each pair controls each LED part of eight.
So let’s throw some coins to it,
to see how many LED parts will be on.

Designers: Qian Jiang & Yiying Wu


  • Lamah says:

    Neat idea!

    I hope those terminals don’t corrode over time, making it harder and harder to turn on the light.

  • Starz says:

    One more idea, the base is s scales, Put something on the scale, the lamp will turn on number of LEDs due to the weight on the scales.

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