This sensor-equipped resistance band gives you a fully personalized gym workout… at home

Traditionally a great gym workout is characterized by two things… the exercise (obviously), and the feedback. Exercising, as important as it is, is rather inconsequential without the feedback that tells you how well you did, and how much progress you’ve made.

You miss out on that crucial feedback when you’re working out at home without a trainer guiding you or a spotter watching you, but that’s where sensors do the job of providing you with crucial data. Backed by a well-crafted algorithm, sensors in your fitness band can tell you how your heart is performing or what your overall quality of health is, and sensors in your exercise equipment can guide you through a personalized workout that’s crafted around your technique and capabilities.

Designed to provide a full workout in a portable format, the STRAFFR is a resistance-training band that lets you exercise all parts of your body, mimicking the gym workout… but it’s more than just a replacement for the gym’s equipment. The STRAFFR is quite literally a sensor in itself, constantly providing exercise data to you via your phone, giving you the feedback of a personal trainer at home.

With just a band and an app, STRAFFR aims at giving you the ability to go through a full workout in the comfort of your home or even hotel (if you’re traveling). The app comes with a variety of exercises that get optimized based on your performance to create a training plan that’s unique to you, while the band itself is all the equipment you really need. Designed around the idea of resistance training, the elastic band communicates with the app as you stretch it, telling your phone how you’re doing. The band comes with a variety of markings that allow you to customize the intensity of your workout by just narrowing your grip. Hold the band wider apart and it stretches easier. Hold just a narrow portion of the band and it’s tougher to pull, working your muscles even harder.

The app comes built with a variety of exercises to help you work on all parts of your body, building your strength, anaerobic endurance, size of skeletal muscles and bone density. Moreover, the band itself, which is no longer than a leather belt, can easily be stored in your cupboard at home, giving you the entire gym experience without having to step out, or in a suitcase, so you can stay healthy and work out from wherever you are!

Designers: Santiago Roldan, Guido Bedini & Stefan Weiss

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STRAFFR – Your Gym and Personal Trainer To Go

STRAFFR is a smart resistance band and training platform that makes working-out simple, effective, and personalized.

The compact design means this pocket-friendly equipment allows you to work out anywhere, anytime.

Immbolity Leads to Bad Posture & Pain

Research suggests that only 21% of adults meet physical activity guidelines, while less than 5% perform 30 minutes of physical activity per day. This leads to weak muscles, bad posture and pain. STRAFFR was developed, to make your personal training easier and smarter than ever before.

Why Train with a Resistance Band?

With hundreds of exercises for all muscle groups, you can train your whole body, just like you would with free weights or weight machines.

Want to workout but always finding excuses not to? It’s raining outside. Can’t afford the monthly gym membership. But that’s where resistance band training comes into its own. All you need is a little floor space and a spare 20 minutes to have a full-body workout – without even leaving the house.

Classic Resistance Bands vs STRAFFR Band

Despite these well-known benefits, classic resistance bands lack quantification. In the gym, it’s easy to measure your progress as you increase the weights you lift. However, with traditional resistance bands, you can only estimate how much weight you are actually moving. This makes it difficult to track your progress and stay motivated.

The patent-pending technology, featuring unique expandable sensors, makes your workout smarter and simpler than ever before. Unlike traditional resistance bands, STRAFFR provides you with live-action feedback and exercise guidance via their app, to make sure every workout counts.

What Makes STRAFFR Stand Out?

The connected Fitness Platform guides, evaluates and records your progress throughout and after your session. STRAFFR helps you achieve your individual fitness goals. Following a fitness analysis, the app configures the best training plans for your fitness level so you have a truly personalized experience, while the smart technology follows your lead. As your fitness and ability improve, you can simply increase the resistance level by changing your grip and the app will follow: it’s like you have an infinite number of free weights in your pocket.

A Personal Trainer in your Pocket

As you train, the app records the power, velocity and repetitions of your session, providing you with real-time feedback and post-training analytics. The active corrective feedback acts as a personal trainer – for perfect execution, every time. If you execute an exercise too fast or too slow, the app will guide you towards better execution with audio and visual feedback.

If you haven’t completed a repetition the app will let you know, just like a personal trainer pushing you towards a clean and safe execution of every single rep. With STRAFFR you can train more efficiently and effectively to get the results you want.

One Band, Multiple Uses

STRAFFR’s band allows you to complete a variety of exercises at a variety of intensity levels. This customization gives you the most personalized workout possible to help you achieve your individual fitness goals.

The Workout Stream in the app is where the magic happens. Here you find all the workouts within the STRAFFR platform. The workouts that are most relevant for you are organized at the top of the screen, but if you scroll down you will find many other exercise plans to fit a variety of occasions: Travelling? Great. Try the efficient workout that is especially designed if you are on the go. Just woke up and you want to start the day fresh? Awesome! The quick good morning workout will stretch and mobilize you for a fresh start to the day.

Once you’ve selected your workout, you can get to know the specific movements and read our tips and tricks to focus on during your exercise. The quick and easy-to-understand instructions will help you to perform your exercise perfectly. And if you want to simply do a single exercise, just dive right in. But it doesn’t stop here – you can customize your own workout with just a few clicks using your preferred exercises.

Made For You

Available in two different strengths, medium (10kg/22lbs) and strong (20kg/44lbs). The band can be charged using the USB-C connector. Their enhanced battery management system enables you to train a whole month (21+ hours of training) on one single charge. Furthermore, the fast charge function charges the band to 50% in only 20 Min.

Invented and designed in Germany, but the main components are also produced and assembled here, ensuring high quality.

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