Creative Tea Drinking

Tea drinking and brewing is an art form often patronized on YD. Adding to our growing list is this delightful Turtle Tea Kettle. The kettle doesn’t discriminate against loose-leaf, teabags and compressed-tea, tea drinkers’ coz its comfy enough brewing any of these sorts. The added advantage of a separate glass container for the loose tealeaves makes sure you don’t get any debris while sipping your drink. If the creative-cook gets the better of you; heck you can even use the kettle to brew up some exotic hot beverage and treat yourself!

This is how the kettle works:

Add the loose tealeaves to the glass container and pop the cap on it and load it into the water filled kettle. Place your turtle kettle on the stove, set the timer on the cap, and wait for the ring. The glass container has very small machined holes so that the tea can be infused properly without moving about in the water. So after when you pour your tea to drink it, you won’t be sucking in the bits of tea leaves.

To boil water simply slap on the cap without plugging in the glass container and wait for the whistle to sound.

Made from ceramic, the kettle features a side window that lets you keep a check on the water levels of the container. The handle and timer cap is made out of a heat resistant phenolic plastic, making them easy to handle when hot.

A cute, new way to brew the cuppa!

Designer: Andrew Zheng