Fan Blades Made of Chicken Wings

No joke! This fan can make your chicken wing fan fantasy a reality! With the “JOININ’ Fan” you can clip in whatever you like! Though you may have been inundated with false lab-made smells if you work amongst other people, your nose always knows. Let your nose have a rose. Clip in some pedals and let ‘er fly! Wafting the loveliness of whatever blades you choose to insert, the Joinin’ Fan is exactly the kind of cute invention that all free-spirited kawaii-seekers aught to peek at.

Qian Jiang and Yiying Wu have a lovely poem written for you explaining the usages and the spirit of this fun-loving and oddly appealing non-traditional fan.


Three clips no fan blade
So what’s next
In spring
go to seek some sweet flowers
In summer
go to seek some boards
At Christmas
go to seek some red stockings

But can I clip chicken drumsticks
But can I clip silk ribbons
Sure, why not
It’s all your life
Enjoy it

Enjoy it indeed!

And of course, we must discuss the chicken. What about the chicken? How is that even a thing that anyone would have even thought of putting in this fan. How realistic is basically every chicken-lovers strangest dream… or nightmare?

Designer: Qian Jiang and Yiying Wu