A Different Ball Game

We all know that washers and driers consume a lot of energy, but how about a method that makes them do a U-turn? How about a system that harvests the potential kinetic energy generated while the machine is doing its thing? Super cool idea, right! The “Veos” orb is not much of a fuss-pot; all you got to do is toss it into the washer bin with the rest of your laundry load. Let it spin and catch some POWER!

Designed to hold a load of fabric softener and a matrix of free-floating zinc/oxide nanowire plates, the ball soaks in most of the wasted kinetic energy that is generated during the wash and dry cycle.

Veos does not require any inputs; it stores the harvested energy till you unload it back into the grid, thus save on electrical costs.

I like the idea that it holds space for fabric softener as well, sounds like its multi-tasking as a clean and save device!

Designer: Joe Brussel