A Different Ball Game

We all know that washers and driers consume a lot of energy, but how about a method that makes them do a U-turn? How about a system that harvests the potential kinetic energy generated while the machine is doing its thing? Super cool idea, right! The “Veos” orb is not much of a fuss-pot; all you got to do is toss it into the washer bin with the rest of your laundry load. Let it spin and catch some POWER!

Designed to hold a load of fabric softener and a matrix of free-floating zinc/oxide nanowire plates, the ball soaks in most of the wasted kinetic energy that is generated during the wash and dry cycle.

Veos does not require any inputs; it stores the harvested energy till you unload it back into the grid, thus save on electrical costs.

I like the idea that it holds space for fabric softener as well, sounds like its multi-tasking as a clean and save device!

Designer: Joe Brussel


  • Cecil says:

    Hello, pleasant idea, but I don’t think it would really work. Physic laws say : more you charge your washing machine, more you use up energy to make it functioning. And they say,there are lost in transforming energy into antother (elec in mechanic, f.eg, and reverse too). Do you really think it saves energy at the end result???? I prefer a lot to save detergent with ecowashball…
    Excuse me for my bad english

  • Qba says:

    That’s one of these green ideas that seems OK, but is a complete gibberish. By putting that ball inside and “charging it” you actually make your washing machine use a little more energy to do it, than you get back from the ball (since there is always some energy lost in the process as heat, sound, etc…).

  • Cecil says:

    more interesting if my dog or my children would play with…

  • Keith says:

    I agree with the above comments that you are just creating more work, to get less back. What you need to think about is where the energy from the movement of the washing machine gets wasted. That would be the best place to harvest the energy. In this case, the washing machine is isolated from the case by rubber bushings which absorb alot of vibrations. The rubber bushings are made to waste the energy created by the vibrations. If you could replace the rubber bushings with piezo-electric type harvesters, then you would seemingly harvest energy that was just being wasted.

    • cerberus says:

      Now that is a much better idea indeed. It would still be minimal returns, but much more than this silly ball idea.

  • M.S.W. says:

    The power harvesting feature of these balls wouldn’t be much to off set the vast electric useage of the washing machine, BUT if the designer reworks the design alittle this would make for a novel charging unit batteries (ie: AA,AAA,Cell phone batt. etc.)

  • pixelbath says:

    Agree with the above comments. It would save more energy and do the grid more good to simply run a shorter cycle, use cold water, or use a less powerful motor to run your washer.

  • Chris A. Wronski says:

    So could you throw this in the trunk of your car and charge it up that way as well?

  • Kent says:

    I’d love to be able to charge batteries while juggling

  • hello,
    we are a german service provider for several clients in germany.
    can you tell me if the product “veos” is available
    or rather where to buy?
    Thank you
    Stefanie Bohn

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