Air-dry Dishes

We recently discussed how Ultra Violet can be a great way of sterilizing kitchen cutting boards and now it’s time to discuss its benefits in a dishwasher. UV plays a key role in the Electrolux Wind Washer Dishwasher, which comprises of a three-step procedure. In step one, it uses a stream of high-pressure air to blow away all the leftover food crumbs on the dishes, to a waste holding bay. In step two, it steams them to degrease them. In the final stage, it uses UV to sterilize them.

In case you are wondering why there is limited space in the service bay, it’s because this Wind Washer is meant for single persons who are always on the go. One simply needs to place the used dishes in the bay and align the auto-sliding handle to the top edge. Vents inside the handle, blow out the air, steam and UV lights, in quick succession. The flip-side to this design is that it does only two dishes at a time.

The designer suggests that the proportion of water used in this appliance is pretty less compared to what we traditionally use; hence it makes for great eco-sense. However, all this sounds really good on paper, but in practicality the power consumption, effective sterilization and the efficiency of the device will truly determine its worth.

Designer: Hwang Jin wook