Air-dry Dishes

We recently discussed how Ultra Violet can be a great way of sterilizing kitchen cutting boards and now it’s time to discuss its benefits in a dishwasher. UV plays a key role in the Electrolux Wind Washer Dishwasher, which comprises of a three-step procedure. In step one, it uses a stream of high-pressure air to blow away all the leftover food crumbs on the dishes, to a waste holding bay. In step two, it steams them to degrease them. In the final stage, it uses UV to sterilize them.

In case you are wondering why there is limited space in the service bay, it’s because this Wind Washer is meant for single persons who are always on the go. One simply needs to place the used dishes in the bay and align the auto-sliding handle to the top edge. Vents inside the handle, blow out the air, steam and UV lights, in quick succession. The flip-side to this design is that it does only two dishes at a time.

The designer suggests that the proportion of water used in this appliance is pretty less compared to what we traditionally use; hence it makes for great eco-sense. However, all this sounds really good on paper, but in practicality the power consumption, effective sterilization and the efficiency of the device will truly determine its worth.

Designer: Hwang Jin wook


  • Lamah says:

    Where does food blown off go? Seems like it would just fly all over the bench.

    What provision is made for blocking reflected UV light from the plates to protect operator vision?

    How do I wash my glasses? My cutlery?

    • Lamah says:

      Oh, and could high pressure _steam_ be used instead? Seems like high pressure steam could blow off debris, remove oils, _and_ sterilize, in a single step.

  • Jason says:

    half a good idea, cause I am not sure about you but I use a knife and folk to eat with.

  • Alan says:

    I think lamah point out few good points but “personally” i feel this DESIGN is a waste….

    The cost of waste for manufacturing this product out and the amount of power consumption for every cleaning, not yet the maintanance time, whats wrong with using the water and soap ?

    Unless you are seriouly and totally dont know how to wash a dish and arguing that you are dam freaking busy, why dont just eat outside? You mean you have the time to go home and cook? Well you also still have to spend time cooking and washing the rest of it…

    A total no go…..

  • MadCow says:

    great i can wash all 2 of my dishes at the same time!

    • Henrique Staino says:


      This can have a good concept to be developed, but at first sight, is eco-trash. Like if dishwashing is the major problem with water consumption…bah

  • hideo says:

    pretty good idea. I think it can be clean dishes just like dyson airblade hand dryer.

  • adrian says:


  • cerberus says:

    steam / air presssure blowing hard enopugh to dislodge the food debris is going to rattle the plates all over the place, most likely out of the shallow depression its sitting in and onto the floor!

  • Han Kukil says:

    Wow~~~ So coooooooooooooooooooooooooool~~~~

  • sk says:

    It is great that you intended to combine a valuable Ecologically friendly concept of cleaning but I agree with the others in terms of whether it is a finished concept. Personally I have been in that category of “single people on the go etc..” so take my opinions as a customer rather than a designer. I would still not have payed for a dishwasher(especially considering this would be quite expensive!) that would wash 2 dishes at a time.

    But I have to say the colours, the style and the mood you displayed seems to suit Electrolux quite well.

    So if you were to develop this idea a little further, really understanding the market, you might actually catch the attention of Electrolux

  • DragonLee says:

    Good Idea!!

  • creative says:

    … the dishes are clean, but the rest of the kitchen is dirty now..

  • alexander says:

    blatantly ripped off the dyson air blade

  • Kane says:

    The plates and cutlery are the easy stuff. Its the pots and pans that would benefit from an individual cleaning as they can often be a pain to scrub. I think a better route would have been to design a similar product for pots and pans and leave the plates and cutley for the consumer.

    However, a very interesting concept, and the aesthetics are great. Good looking product, nice one.

  • pretty good idea. I think it can be clean dishes just like dyson airblade hand dryer.

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