Motivating Sports Wheelchairs

Mark Zupan, the quadriplegic wheelchair rugby captain from US is the inspiration behind the “HEROes Series of Sport Wheelchairs”. His spirit shows that mobility restrictions can’t be used as an excuse for not enjoying life to the fullest. This specially designed series of wheelchairs, allows a handicapped person to indulge in sporting activities such as freshball (a kind of beach tennis), Frisbee, badminton, croquet, wheelchair volleyball and especially beach rugby; without the shortcomings of being on a chair.  

HERO Zupan, HERO Daredevil and HERO Xavier are the three types of chairs in the series and each model is appropriate for specific tasks. Although I can’t confirm it at the moment, but it looks like the wheels of the chair are inflatable or feature airtubes thus making the ride smooth on all terrains.

The built of the HERO Zupan is such that it makes it easy to navigate the chair on beaches and indulge in games like Frisbee and beach volleyball.

The HERO Daredevil traverses over land and sand with ease and hence is apt for beach and parks and is built for hard sports like beach rugby. This model has been inspired by the fictional character Daredevil.

HERO Xavier takes inspiration from the Marvel Comics’ character Charles Francis Xavier (Professor X). This chair is ideal for land sports and can be used in games like basketball, tennis etc.

Designer: Jairo da Costa Junior