Decorative Pots From Coffee Grinds

Some say you can tell a real designer from a noob by the amount of coffee he/she drinks. Passion for good coffee seems to go hand in hand with those of us who define ourselves as “creatives”, but we’re also the same group of people who are first to step up when there’s an environmental issue. What about all those coffee grinds? Check out this Kickstarter project called POTHRA™.

Matthew Waldman and his team at Nooka started experimenting with the copious amounts of discarded coffee grinds left by consumers and discovered when combined with resin, each kind of coffee creates a different look and color. That’s when the proverbial lightbulb went off. Sure you could do what some famous TV home mavens say and compost it or you can create a scalable model with recycled products like the POTHRA™.

Designer: Matthew Waldman, Kickstarter